Most Improved Runner

February 16, 2008

Most Improved RunnerI know exactly how much my running improved during my first year as a novice runner, so I’m qualified to congratulate myself. I’m proud of myself, and not ashamed to admit it!

Non-competitive runners don’t get trophies and plaques, but with the magic of the computer, I can pretend to be the recipient of lots of awards. In the page of Making Strides, I show off my simulated hardware. Click here for larger image: Most Improved Runner

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Crime Against Fashion

January 16, 2008

Crime Against FashionMy first year as a novice runner was almost all upbeat and positive. The one notable exception was when my jacket was stolen. How rude! The nerve!

As I point out in this page from the Making Strides book, the irony is I’d just lost enough weight to fit into the jacket’s matching sweatpants. So I’ll continue with my fashion foible of wearing mismatched running clothes. Click here for larger image: Crime Against Fashion

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Cross Training

December 18, 2007

Cross TrainingProfessional trainers advise that cross training — doing a variety exercises — is important to enhance performance and to minimize the boredom factor. It works for me! Running has improved my cardio capacity tremendously, a real plus for other sports.

Bike riding, surfing, and backpacking were all easier because of running. And running was easier because of them. In this page from the Making Strides book I show up with some outdoor equipment. Click here for larger image: Cross Training

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By the Numbers

November 20, 2007

By The NumbersNumbers and systems of measurements are all around us, giving us a way to put things in context. Pie charts, graphs, lists, and tables — it’s hard to escape the persistence of numbers, especially in sports.

Racers thrive on numbers, but for a slow runner like me, my metrics have to be based on something other than speed. In this page from Making Strides, I recall other numbers significant to my running. Click here for larger image: By the Numbers

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Hilary is (not) That Poor Girl

October 25, 2007

That Poor GirlIt was an odd sensation to know I was being pitied, especially when I didn’t feel disadvantaged. OK, so I’m a slow runner, but so what? There are other aspects of my running that deserve more attention, like the fact that I’m doing it at all!

For someone who enjoys scenery as much as I do, the natural beauty that surrounds me on my runs enriches my life. The beauty of where I run is a recurring theme in the pages of Making Strides. Click here for larger image: Poor Girl

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Pawn in a Running Game

September 25, 2007

Pawn in a Running GameSometimes progress doesn’t happen in a straight line. I found that was the case in my first year of running. There were periods of steady improvement mixed with periods of stagnation from which I had to deliberately push harder to improve.

One step forward, three steps back. Reluctantly, I had to give up running temporarily to recover from a minor injury. It reminded me of a board game, which I show here in this page from the Making Strides book. Click here for larger image: Running Game

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May 31, 2007

MotivationAnyone who has ever started – and stopped – an exercise routine knows the difficulty in keeping it going. But WHY is it difficult, and what can keep it going? I guess I’m not satisfied with just being a graphic designer, now I’m dabbling in pop psychology!

I’ve read a lot (from the security of my couch) on the topic of exercise motivation, but I’m pretty sure I know best what motivates me! This page from the Making Strides book lists just some of the carrot and stick motivators that work. Click here for larger image: Motivation

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